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WEEE and RoHS Testing & Declarations/Electronic Waste Disposal/Global Presence/Data Security (Hard Drive Wiping - DOD Standards)/Asset Tracking/ISO 14001:2004/CA SB20/50/

Committed to providing complete RoHS, WEEE, WEEE take back, E-waste, Data Center de-commissioning, Trade-ins and Excess and Obsolete Inventory Management solutions to its customers, enabling them to distinguish themselves as Environmental Stewards.

  • RoHS service includes basic compliance requirement, Item Master/BOM cleansing, component life cycle and obsolescence tracking, BOM risk assessment and component research and alternative parts identification.
  • WEEE services include product WEEE declaration through Rate of Recycling and re-use analysis, registrations and reporting services in various EU countries including UK, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands.
  • Assetmovers is single point source for collection, treatment and recycling of e-waste globally through its direct offices and logistics partners. Certificates of destruction, recycling and reporting to authorities to meet statutory requirements are also provided. A majority and minority company ownership.
  • Assetmovers also offers total material disclosure service to homogenous level. This will facilitate identifying materials of high risk and identifying alternate components.
  • Electronic data erasure service as per DoD specifications will ensure that any and all private information and proprietary data is cleaned from the drive and HDD recertified. Disc wiping software from Blancco Limited and other custom software for varieties of hard drives are used to meet DOD 5220.22-M, DOD 5220.22-M ECE and HIPPA requirements.
  • Assetmovers provides complete product asset optimization service globally including, data center decommissioning, material pickup, re-use and recycling as per the agreement with our valuable customers.


EU WEEE Directive Compliance Service - Assetmovers has performed Evaluation and Certification for WEEE Compliance as per Directive 2002/96/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL Of 27 January 2003 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for multiple generation products for High-Tech companies through Rate of Recovery and Reuse Analysis by identifying and classifying material as per Annex II of the Directive. The products were also evaluated for ease of dismantling for recovery, reuse, ease of service/repair, ease of selective removal of components/sub-assemblies, and design for environment. Identification of components and sub-assemblies for recovery and/or reuse and progressive dismantling procedures through graphical illustration were provided.

Provided global presence for the Fastest Growing Networking Company – Eliminated collection costs associated with sales and marketing trade in programs, system evaluation returns, and electronic waste associated to manufacturing/repair around the globe. providing Data erasure certificates and auditable reporting where applicable, while keeping compete records of each transaction, eliminating the headaches of environmental audits.

Immediate response to Top Fortune 100 Company - Established trucking rotation, implemented labor schedule coordinated with facilities and data center managers to have 100+ systems removed efficiently, enclosed in a total of thirty-four, 72” cabinet enclosures. Systems were removed and brought to Assetmovers facility for processing within 2 hours and 45 minutes from the time initiated via telephone request.

Distribution waste program profitable – Created programs and services allowing the distributor to profit from their facility waste associated to distribution and contract manufacturing centers. Dry waste, from foam and paper products, all the way up to out of warranty products and RMA’s – servers, networking equipment, tape backup solutions, consumer products, etc.


Assetmovers provides comprehensive services for compliance to WEEE Directive. WEEE declaration report done through detailed analysis and step-by-step dismantling of the product is proof of due diligence that the product meets the rate of recovery and recycle targets as per Annex 1A, and selective treatment of the components per Annex II of the directive. This comprehensive report also consists of the detail dismantling instruction through illustration and identification of components for selective treatment. Ease of dismantling of the product, ease of service and repair, ease of selective removal of components and sub-assemblies and design for environmental compliance is also evaluated.
Assetmovers also provides WEEE Registration services in UK and other EU countries with environmental agencies and focused compliance schemes. We are one point solution for WEEE take back services in UK, Europe, Americas, and Asia.
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